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      Consultation Meeting on Transplantation with National Health Authorities in the Western Pacific Region (2005 : Manila) [1]
      Consultation on a Regional Network for Healthy Cities (2003 : Manila) [1]
      Consultation on Accelerating the Regional Implementation of the Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol in the Western Pacific (2019 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      Consultation on Affordable Prices of Medicines (2006 : Manila) [1]
      Consultation on Developing Emergency and Humanitarian Action Regional Information System (2001 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      Consultation on Essential Public Health Functions with Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island Countries (2003 : Nadi) [1]
      Consultation on Financing of Essential Medicines (2006 : Manila) [1]
      Consultation on HIV, STI and Other Health Needs of Transgender People in Asia and the Pacific (2012 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      Consultation on Hospital Planning and Management in Asian Countries (2018 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      Consultation on Hospital Planning and Management in the Pacific (2018 : Nadi, Fiji) [1]
      Consultation on Human Resource Development in Making Pregnancy Safer (2006 : Shanghai, China) [1]
      Consultation on Improving and Monitoring Hepatitis B Birth Dose Vaccination (2012 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      Consultation on Integrating Prevention and Management of STI/HIV/AIDS into Reproductive, Maternal, and Newborn Health Services (2006 : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) [1]
      Consultation on Measles Elimination and Hepatitis B Control (2012 : Manila) [1]
      Consultation on Overweight, Obesity, Diabetes and Law in the Western Pacific Region (2014 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      Consultation on Regional Measles and Rubella Elimination in the Western Pacific Inherent Physical Requirements of the Position (2017 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      Consultation on Social Determinants of Health in the Western Pacific Region (2006 : Beijing) [1]
      Consultation on Strengthening Health Research Capacity in the Pacific (2007 : Nadi) [1]
      Consultation on Strengthening National Capacity in Environmental Health (2001 : Manila) [1]
      Consultation on Support for the Development of National Health Accounts in the Pacific (2009 : Nadi) [1]