Voici les éléments 163-182 de 1578

      Containment of Malaria Multi-drug Resistance on the Cambodia-Thailand Border (2007 : Phnom Penh) [1]
      Control of Lymphatic Filariasis in China. Editorial Board [1]
      Cook Islands. Ministry of Health [1]
      Country Team Consultation and In-House Round Table Discussion on NCD Prevention and Control (2011 : Manila, Philippines [1]
      Cours International de formation en matiére de statisques de l'édat civit et de la santé pour la région du Pacifique occidental (1960 : Manille, Philippines) [1]
      Cours Regional Sur la Surveillance Epidemiologique et la Quarantaine Internationale (1er : 1970 : Séoul et Suva) [1]
      Course on Epidemiology and Community Based Control of Cardiovascular Diseases (1980 : Singapore) [1]
      Course on Laboratory Methods in Blood Transfusion (1978 : Kuala Lumpur) [1]
      Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Australia [1]
      Department of Health and Ageing [1]
      Development of Action Plans for Achieving and Monitoring SDG Wash Targets – Lessons from Accomplishments of the WHO/DFAT Water Quality Partnership (2017 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      Diarrhoeal Diseases Control and Acute Respiratory Infections Household Case Management Survey (1993 : Vientiane Municipality) [1]
      Division of Health Sector Development [2]
      Division of NCD and Health Through the Life-Course Annual Network Meeting (2015 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      East Asia Ministerial Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene (EASAN-2) (2nd : 2010 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      East Asia Ministerial Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene 2007 (2007 : Beppu City, Japan) [1]
      Emergency Response to Artemisinin Resistance in the Greater Mekong Subregion Partners' Forum (2016 : Phnom Penh, Cambodia) [1]
      Environmental Health [1]
      Environmental Health Unit [1]
      ERAR Dissemination Meeting to Share Findings of the Assessment of Malaria Surveillance Systems in Greater Mekong Subregion Countries (2015 : Siem Reap, Cambodia) [1]