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      Report of an Informal Meeting Between the Ministry of Public Health and the World Health Organization on China/WHO Programme of Cooperation (1985 : Beijing) [1]
      Report of the Consultation on Strategic Response to the Threat of Untreatable Neisseria Gonorrhoeae and Emergence of Cephalosporin Resistance in Neisseria Gonorrhoeae (2010 : Manila) [1]
      Report of the Fourth Meeting of the Anti-Malaria Co-ordination Board of Burma, Cambodia, Laos, The Federation of Malaya, Thailand and Viet-Nam, Kuala Lumpur, 1-4 December 1959 [1]
      Report of the National HIV/AIDS and STI Programme Managers Meeting for Asian Countries in the Western Pacific Region (2013 : Kunming) [1]
      Report on the Consultative Process to prepare a draft Western Pacific Regional Food Safety Strategy 2011-2015 for Consideration of the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific (2011 : Manila, Philippines and Selangor, Malaysia) [1]
      Report on the Meeting of the Western Pacific Regional Advisory Committee on Medical Research (2nd : 1977 : Manila) [1]
      Report on the Meeting on Strengthening INFOSAN and National Food Control Systems in Asia (2013 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      Report on the WHO Workshop on Public Water Supply Leakage and Wastage Control (1983 : Singapore) [1]
      Representative Office in Cambodia [1]
      Republic of Korea. Ministry of Food and Drug Safety [1]
      Republic of Korea. Ministry of Health and Social Affairs [1]
      Republic of Korea. Ministry of Health and Welfare [1]
      Republic of Korea. National Cancer Center [1]
      Research Institute of Tuberculosis (Japan) [2]
      Research Institute of Tuberculosis. Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association [1]
      Reunion Inter-Pays de Coordination de la Lutte Contre le Pian (1er : 1959 : Kuala Lumpur, Férédation de Malaisie) [1]
      Reunion OMS/SPEC sur la Cooperation Technique Entre les pays et Zones du Pacifique sud en Matiere d'approvisionnement en Produits Pharmacceutiques (1978 : Suva, Fidji) [1]
      Reunion pour l'Echange d'Informations sur le paracholera el Tor (1962 : Manille, Philippines) [1]
      Review of Integrated Management of childhood Illness (IMCI) in Viet Nam in the Context of Health Care for Mothers and Children (2001 : Viet Nam) [1]
      Review of Poliomyelitis Laboratory Activities in China (1997 : China) [1]