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      Le Gouvernement de l'Australie [1]
      Leadership Workshop for Cancer Control (CanLEAD) (5th : 2018 : Seoul, Republic of Korea) [1]
      Leadership Workshop for Cancer Control (CanLEAD) (6th : 2019 : Seoul, Republic of Korea) [1]
      Malaria Meeting on Intensified Control Measures (1995 : Manila) [1]
      Malaria Programme Managers Meeting to Review Progress on Implementation of the Regional Action Framework for Malaria Control and Elimination in the Western Pacific 2016-2020 (2018 : Manila, Philippines) [1]
      Malaysia. Ministry of Health [1]
      Management Sciences for Health [1]
      Media Seminar on Health for All through Primary Health Care, Philippines and Republic of Korea (1983 : Philippines and Republic of Korea) [1]
      Medium Level Short-term Applied Nutrition Training Course (1967 : Apia) [1]
      Meeting for Pacific IHR National Focal Points and PPHSN-EpiNet Representatives on Syndromic Surveillance (2010 : Auckland, New Zealand) [1]
      Meeting for the Exchange of Information on El Tor Vibrio Paracholera (1962 : Manila) [1]
      Meeting of a working group for the development of information systems on health workforce for the South Pacific (1991 : Suva) [1]
      Meeting of Country Liaison Offcers (CLOs) and Intercountry Project (ICP) Staff (1985 : Suva) [1]
      Meeting of Directors of Health Research Councils or Analogous Bodies (1984 : Penang) [1]
      Meeting of Directors of Health Research Councils or Analogous Bodies (1989 : Manila) [1]
      Meeting of Directors of Nursing Schools and Colleges (1982 : Manila) [1]
      Meeting of Directors or Representatives of Schools of Public Health (6th : 1975 : Manila) [1]
      Meeting of Focal Persons for the Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV in the Pacific Island Countries and Areas (2009 : Nadi) [1]
      Meeting of Heads of WHO Collaborating Centres in Mental Health (1984 : Tokyo) [1]
      Meeting of Health Management Development Network Facilitators in the South (1988 : Apia) [1]